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About Us

The owner/operator of Yeatts Insurance Agency comes from a long time background of service related work. In her 20’s she began a long time career as a real estate agent in the Western United States, having licenses in both California and Arizona. After actively selling real estate for over 22 years and being licensed for over 32 years, she and her former husband owned and operated an engineering firm for 13 years.

A late in life change in 2007 brought her to the beautiful state of Virginia. It was around this time that she decided that she needed to do something different than selling real estate. After reflecting back on the real estate storm of 1987 along with the staggering high interest rates and later giving up the engineering firm, she decided that she had to find a good fit for work. Not wanting the insecurity of working in another volatile real estate market (this time older in age), she decided to become an insurance agent.

She started her career with Aflac but decided that she needed more variety and a more personal relationship with the people that she would be working with. Unsatisfied, she began seeking other opportunities when she was given the chance to manage a 40 year old insurance office in the heart of Southern California. This opportunity gave her the chance to learn about auto, home and life insurance. She found her nitch.

Not wanting to be in the large city and finding the love of her life, she decided to return to Virginia to be closer to him. For three years she worked as a Farmers Insurance Agent in the “captive world” of insurance but quickly found out that there was so much more to offer people by being able to write insurance for multiple carriers. Thus, in October 2012, Yeatts Insurance Agency began and the “Insurance Lady of Virginia” was born.

Why Choose Yeatts Insurance Agency?

The answer is simple. We really care about you. Our operation is run on the belief that personal contact with the customers is the most effective way to provide exceptional customer service and quality products that fit each individual customer.

Working with multiple carriers as independent agents gives us the ability to provide nothing but the best coverage at a rate that meets your expectations. Providing personal and business coverages in auto, home, umbrella, farms, business and identity theft and more, we are proud to serve you..

Proud Community Advocate of Crewe, VA

“This Insurance Lady” loves Virginia. Coming from a large metropolis of a city, but always having a yearning for the country she has fallen in love with the rolling countryside of Virginia with its dense forests and old Victorian estates, steeped in family heritage and history and a culture all of its own. In her time here in Virginia she see’s how the small towns are struggling and seeks only to keep Virginia the beautiful quaint state it is. The way to help is to get involved.

She currently sits as an alternate board member for the Crewe-Burkeville Chamber of Commerce and will soon be a member of the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce and the Amelia Chamber of Commerce.

She and a small group of local Crewe residents are spear-heading a soon to be 501- 3(c) non-profit organization called the Washbucket Initiative. The group’s goal is to revitalize old towns in South Central Virginia. We want to paint our shops, create signs, or anything it takes to bring back the old town charm that is being lost to a bad economy and large businesses.

“The Insurance Lady” invites you to contact either of our offices to find out more about “The Washbucket Initiative” or even join us in our efforts. If you wish, just call us for a free quote and let us see if we can save you money on any of your insurance needs.

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